Software Write Blocker

SAFE Block 1.0

SAFE Block 1.0: Software wite blocker for computer forensics and handling digital evidence. SAFE Block is a software write blocker computer forensics tool for the Windows 2000/XP operating systems. SAFE Block facilitates the quick and safe acquisition and/or analysis of any disk or flash medi attached directly to your workstation. It is faster than hardware write blockers, identifies and allow unlocking Host Protected Areas (HPAs) and Device Configuration Overlay (DCOs), and provide automatic write blocking of devices.

USB Drive Blocker Block USB drives access on client computer and secures secret files transferring
USB Drive Blocker

USB drive write protector reduces business risks and costs related with unkind actions, errors, or inattention by insiders or others with physical computer access. How to disable USB ports in yours computer or laptop! USB port access controller software can protect your laptop from intruders and prevent from information leakage or losing files. USB blocker tool finds any time and reporting to you about usb devices connected by client computer.

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ISpy USBBlocker 2.5: A tool that block untrusted USB Memory Stick and protect you against data theft.
ISpy USBBlocker 2.5

ISpy USBBlocker is a tool that block untrusted USB Memory Stick. It can help protect you against data theft. ISpy USBBlocker is the best software that helps an indevidual or system administrator control USB stroage devices. For each USB storage device, you can set three statuses: Disabled, ReadOnly or Read/Write. You can protect your confidential data from being copied by others or Prevent your computer being infected by any unauthorized program.

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CheapestSoft USB Blocker 2.0.3: Control USB storage devices(USB FLASH DISK,USB DISK,IPOD, etc.).
CheapestSoft USB Blocker 2.0.3

CheapestSoft USB Blocker is the best software that helps an individual or a system administrator control USB storage devices(USB FLASH DISK,USB DISK,IPOD, etc.). You can control a standalone computer or many computers on a computer network. For each USB storage device, you can set three statuses: Disabled (unable to read/write), read-only or Enabled (Able to read/write).

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Disable USB Port Data theft security tool examine port traffic record plug-in plug-out activities
Disable USB Port

blocker software is real time USB activity monitoring software that records all data transfer between client machine and USB mass storage devices with performed file operation like cut/copy/paste. USB data theft protection tool prevent windows network from unofficial use of secondary storage devices. USB drive activity controller software records connected device hardware id, capacity, manufacturer name, insertion or removal date and time, client

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DEMOR Cheque Maker 1.0: Design, Write, Print and manage cheques with few clicks
DEMOR Cheque Maker 1.0

Software to work with Cheques easily with the provision of many of the time instead of writing the cheques manually, It have smart designer tool to create Cheque template also you can use scanner device for that, The software supports Laser printers, Ink jet printers and Dot-matrix printers with advanced printing tool,the software supports all forms and sizes of the international cheques and also local and international currencies as the software

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USB Port Blocker USB port blocker alert by sound to server when USB device plug in/out on network
USB Port Blocker

software is very helpful to prevent unauthorized USB port access and can be easily used by any IT firms, business organization, college labs and any domestic area. Utility provides comprehensive USB blocker service and if any time network is disconnect or unplugged due to any reason, USB activity blocker software monitor every USB port activity performed on Client or server side computer. Features: * USB Data theft Protection tool prevent unauthorized

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